As powerGate allows to automate data synchronization between Vault and ERP systems, the Vault system requirements defined by Autodesk leads.

Operating System: 64-bit only

  • Microsoft Windows 10

  • Microsoft Windows 11

.NET Framework: 4.7 or higher

Windows PowerShell: PowerShell 4.0 or higher


Autodesk Vault Client: 2024 / 2023 / 2022 / 2021

  • Vault Professional

coolOrange powerJobs Client: powerJobs Client is installed automatically (optional)

Job Processor

coolOrange powerJobs Processor: powerJobs Processor (optional)

  • Needed to perform automated data synchronization tasks between Vault and ERP via the Job Processor.


The powerGate setup is delivered as an executable and accepts the standard windows installer arguments.
To accept the products EULA when starting the setup in silent mode pass the ACCEPT_EULA=1 argument.
This installs all components needed on a workstation by default:

"\\path\to\networklocation\powerGate24.0_Vault2024.exe" -silent ACCEPT_EULA=1

To install only the main components (Cmdlets and .NET Library) on the Job Processor machine, pass the MAIN_COMPONENTS_ONLY=1 argument.
This will NOT install any sample files and no powerJobs Client:

"\\path\to\networklocation\powerGate24.0_Vault2024.exe" -silent ACCEPT_EULA=1 MAIN_COMPONENTS_ONLY=1

After the Setup

After installing powerGate on a development environment, the provided sample files can be used to implement your own Vault ERP integration.
It is recommended to disable all PowerShell scripts that are not used and have been replaced with your own version.

Install Locations

powerGate is installed in the following locations on your system:

  • The Cmdlets will be installed to C:\Program Files\coolOrange\Modules\powerGate

  • All PowerShell scripts and XAML files relevant for the ERP integration are placed in C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\Client Customizations (only on workstations)

Following shared libraries are installed in GAC:

  • powerGate.Erp.Client.dll

  • coolOrange.Logging.dll

Following shortcuts are added in the start menu:

  • powerGate Console - Opens the PowerShell Console and loads the powerGate module

  • powerGate Information - Opens the About dialog with product related information

  • powerGate License Information - Opens the License Information dialog to activate the product

  • powerGate Logs - Opens the log file location


To install a newer version of powerGate on workstations, just execute the setup file of the new version.
ERP integrations will then continue to work as usual, with all delivered sample files also beeing updated (see C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\Client Customizations\Disabled folder).
Improvements in these files will automatically take effect only for those PowerShell scripts that were also previously enabled.


On the Job Processor, Vault Workgroup (unsupported) and Vault 2020 or older environments, powerGate must be updated with the previously used MAIN_COMPONENTS_ONLY=1 argument.

Please note that for such installations that contain only the main components (Cmdlets and .NET Library), future updates can also be performed only with this argument!
Otherwise the update will be prevented by the installer. A full installation on workstations is then unfortunately only possible by uninstalling the old version before installing the new one.


In case you want to remove powerGate from your computer you can:

  • Execute the setup file again. This will give you the option to repair or remove powerGate. Click on “Remove” to uninstall the program.

  • Go to “Control Panel - Programs and Features”, find “coolOrange powerGate” and run “Uninstall”.