Getting Started

If you are new to powerGate, topics in this section will help you quickly start getting the best of the product:

For evaluation purposes, working samples of ERP tabs are delivered, which connect to a public Demo ERP system.
All you need to try it out is an internet connection. Also, no special Vault permissions are necessary as the tabs themselves do not change any data in your production Vault.
For 30 days, your test data will remain secured in our Demo ERP just for you and for other employees who also log into your Vault.

View ERP data in tabs

Open the Vault Client and login to your Vault. Afterwards select an Inventor file within the Vault Client.

Activate the tab “ERP Item”, which automatically connects to the Demo ERP system and displays the current data for this file.
As its used for the first time currently no item exists for the selected file in the Demo ERP system.

You can now click on the “Create new ERP Item…” button which opens a dialog with pre-filled data from the file and the supplied default configuration:


Similarly, also the additional “ERP BOM” tab indicates that no BOM exists in the ERP system for the selected file.

Transfer ERP data manually with tabs

After you have entered all the required data, click on the “Submit” button to create a new item in the ERP system.
If the creation is successful, the tab displays the data of the new ERP Item.


The ERP Item can be changed simply by clicking the “Change ERP Item…” button, which opens a dialog for modifiying the data.

Similarly, the “ERP BOM” tab provides access to the BOM Window for the current selection. It allows to view, create and update the BOM and the items of the BOM in the ERP system.


The two previously mentioned tabs are by default also available for Vault items and can be accessed by selecting an item in the Item Master view.