powerLoad (bcpToolkit)


The Data Transfer Utility (aka VaultBCP) allows to import data of any size into Vault in a reliable and complete way.
It allows importing files, items, bill of materials and custom objects, including historical versions, and all the related links.
powerLoad (bcpToolkit) provides several tools for creating, manipulating and viewing such BCP packages easily, in order to be ready to import them into Vault!



An import of several thousand files might take some hours and if there are some erroneous configurations in the BCP package you may figure it out very late.
The bcpViewer lets you preview the BCP package in an UI that looks similar to Vault.
You can expand the folders, see the files in each folder, their properties, links, history, etc.

.NET Library


The bcpDevkit is a .Net library which can be used in your C# or VB projects when you need to develop a custom migration with BCP.
You can start building your BCP-package right away, without having to know the XML format from BCP.
The library creates all the right settings for you and saves you a lot of time and nerves! Documentation, samples and tutorials will help you getting started with minimal effort.



The bcpToolkit module provides commandlets that allow creating scripts for automating the work with BCP packages.
These commandlets allow handling large BCP-packages in a very simple, flexible and performant way.