Acceptance test

The first thing you should do for a acceptance test is to define how exactly the final vault should look like. E.g.

  • Folder/Project structure

  • What entities get which lifecycle/category

  • How should the revision schemes be?

  • What information should be in the revision table?

  • Which udps are needed and what will be written into them?

  • Are customizations needed?

There is much more, but the above things are the core points. In fact, you should do this before you do anything else. After you have defined how the result should be you have to look in your source system for example objects.

For a successful evaluation you will need one object of every kind. How many there will be depends on the Vault you have defined. E.g. If you have two categories for IDWs these are two objects not just one. Some of the objects could be:

  • IDW with category A

  • IDW with category B

  • IPT

  • Derived part

  • Content center file

  • Folder with category A

  • Folder with category B

  • Project

It would be best to write down what you need before you proceed.

Now that you know what you need and how it should look like you can search for the sample files in your source system. Write down one example for every element you have defined above.

Now you can use bcpViewer to verify the path of every file, the category and its properties. If you are happy with the result you can import the package into your Vault with VaultBCP.