bcpToolkit v19





  • Renamed bcpChecker to bcpViewer

  • Standardized Logging same as for other products

  • added PostSharp Diagnostics for extended Debug logging (replaces Log4PostSharp in bcpDevKit)

  • Changed registry keys to “HKLM\Software\coolOrange s.r.l.\bcpViewer”: Location and Version

  • Removed support for VaultBCP 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2015R2

  • Signed bcpDevKit library with a Strong Name

  • Extended SecurityObject in bcpDevKit with new Roles functionality

  • Removed ‘Save Package’ functionality from bcpViewer (use Export-BcpPackage instead)


  • removed underscore from available “BCP Versions” in bcpViewer “Open Package” dialog

  • BomComponent.AddInstance method in bcpDevKit automatically assigns ‘FileIteration’ (and ‘FileIterationId’) to the file associated with the new childComponent

  • performance improvements (approximately 10%) with opening large BCP packages via Open-BcpPackage and bcpViewer