bcpToolkit v19





  • Renamed bcpChecker to bcpViewer

  • Standardized Logging same as for other products

  • added PostSharp Diagnostics for extended Debug logging (replaces Log4PostSharp in bcpDevKit)

  • Changed registry keys to “HKLM\Software\coolOrange s.r.l.\bcpViewer”: Location and Version

  • Removed support for VaultBCP 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2015R2

  • Signed bcpDevKit library with a Strong Name

  • Extended SecurityObject in bcpDevKit with new Roles functionality

  • Removed ‘Save Package’ functionality from bcpViewer (use Export-BcpPackage instead)


  • removed underscore from available “BCP Versions” in bcpViewer “Open Package” dialog

  • BomComponent.AddInstance method in bcpDevKit automatically assigns ‘FileIteration’ (and ‘FileIterationId’) to the file associated with the new childComponent

  • performance improvements (approximately 10%) with opening large BCP packages via Open-BcpPackage and bcpViewer

Breaking Changes

All projects that are using bcpDevKit have to be recompiled using the strong named version from GAC.
References to bcpDevKit.Entities.dll should be removed, since all entity types got moved into bcpDevKit.dll

Updated BcpVersion-enum

Removed BcpVersion-Enum values: ‘BcpVersion._2012’, ‘BcpVersion._2013’, ‘BcpVersion._2014’, ‘BcpVersion._2015’ and ‘BcpVersion._2015R2’.
Moved from namespace ‘bcpDevKit.Entities’ to ‘bcpDevKit’

Added Enumerations for Access and Authentication

Changed type of ‘UserObject.Access’ and ‘GroupObject.Access’ from string to SecurityPrincipal.VaultAccess.
Changed type of ‘UserObject.Authentication’ and ‘GroupObject.Authentication’ from string to SecurityPrincipal.VaultAuthentication.

Renamed FileClassificationEnum to FileClassification

Moved ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.Vault.FileObject.FileClassificationEnum’ to ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.FileClassification’.
Changed types of methods ‘FileObject.FileClassificationEnum FileObject.GetFileClassification()’ and ‘FileObject.SetFileClassification(FileObject.FileClassificationEnum fileClass)’ to ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.FileClassification’.

Renamed ClassTypEnum to ClassType

Moved ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.Configuration.BehaviorsObject.ClassTypEnum’ to ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.ClassType’.
Changed types of several class-properties and methods in namespace ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.Configuration’ from ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.Configuration.BehaviorsObject.ClassTypEnum’ to ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.ClassType’.

Renamed BOM-types

Renamed following BOM-types in namespace ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.Items’:

  • renamed BOMComponent to BomComponent

  • renamed BOMComponentItemToComp to BomComponentItemToComp

  • renamed ItemsBOMComponentProperty to BomComponentProperty

  • renamed instance to BomInstance

Removed Ser_Quantity from BomLink

Removed obsolete property ‘Ser_Quantity’ from BomLink.
Use typed property ‘Quantity’ instead.

Removed SchemeId from BomDetail

Removed obsolete property ‘SchemeId’ from BomDetail.
Use alternative property ‘IsStructured’ instead.

Replaced Get/SetLinkType on BOMComponentItemToComp

Removed methods ‘LinkTypeEnum BOMComponentItemToComp.GetLinkType()’ and ‘BOMComponentItemToComp.SetLinkType(LinkTypeEnum linkType)’.
Use alternative property ‘BomComponentItemToComp.LinkType’ instead, by using new Enum-values ‘PrimarySubcomponent’ or ‘SecondarySubcomponent’.
Moved Enum ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.Items.BOMComponentItemToComp.LinkTypeEnum’ to ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.LinkTypeEnum’

Renamed BomInstanceStructure to BomStructureType

Moved ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.Items.instance.BomInstanceStructure’ to ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.BomStructureType’.
Changed type of ‘instance.Structure’ from ‘instance.BomInstanceStructure’ to ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.BomStructureType’.

Moved Enums from BOMComponent to Entities namespace

Moved following Enums out from type ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.Items.BOMComponent’:
* Instead of ‘BOMComponent.BomComponentType’ use ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.BomComponentType’

  • Instead of ‘BOMComponent.BomStructureType’ use ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.BomStructureType’

  • Instead of ‘BOMComponent.ContentSource’ use ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.ContentSource’

Moved Enums from BomLink to Entities namespace

  • Instead of ‘BomLink.BomLinkType’ use ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.BomLinkType’

Moved Enums from AssociationsObject to Entities namespace

  • Instead of ‘AssociationObject.AssocType’ use ‘bcpDevKit.Entities.AssocType’

Fixed property namings in following classes

  • CategoryAssignObject

  • CategoryDefObject

  • GroupObject

  • InGroupObject

  • InRoleObject

  • PropertyDefObject

  • Attachment