Activation and Trial limitations

Trial limitations


Only the first 50 elements will display full informations (names, properties, references). The Folder structure is shown completely.
No access to additional Checks e.g. File existence check, etc.

.NET library

In trial mode, BCP-packages can be created and all its metadata can be fully imported into Vault.
Please note that since no real files will be imported into Vault, opening them will fail!


In trial mode, BCP-packages can be opened and manipulated without limitation.
However the export of a package will contain only the metadata, independent of a specified -NoSourceFiles parameter.

Export-BcpPackage -To ...

# in trial mode same result as:
Export-BcpPackage -To ... -NoSourceFiles

Keep in mind that since links to your real files get removed in the exported package, opening the files later in Vault will fail!


In order to activate the product you have following options:

License Shortcut

Open the Start Menu and use the ‘bcpToolkit 24.0 License Information’ shortcut:


bcpViewer Menu

Launch the bcpViewer 24.0 shortcut, open the ‘Help’ Menu and click the ‘About’ button:



Launch the License Information tool located in the install directory with the required Command-line arguments.
Example: Activating a Stand-Alone license using a serial number:

"C:\Program Files\coolOrange\bcpToolkit\License.exe" --StandAlone --Serialnumber="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"

For more information about activating the product, see Licensing.

Activate powerLoad (bcpToolkit) on export machine

The environment where your project, that uses the bcpDevKit .NET Library, gets executed must be activated in order to create productive BCP packages.
The same applies when automating operations via PowerShell scripts with the bcpToolkit Cmdlets.
However build- and test-machines do not need to be activated.

Licensing Options

Stand Alone Licensing

This product supports the Stand-Alone licensing model which is charged based on the time the license is valid and the number of seats the license is valid for.
For further information see the detailed description of the Stand-Alone licensing model.
In the License Information Dialog the remaining days until the license expires can be found.

License expired

When the the license expires, the bcpViewer will switch back to Trial mode, the .NET library will throw an exception and the Cmdlets also switch back to Trial mode.

Offline activation

The serial number of the license and the machine code are required to generate an activation file.
The activation file for an offline activation can be generated and downloaded on the following site: bcpToolkit - Activation file generator