Licensing Models

In the section below you can find detailed information on the supported licensing models.


Licenses in the stand-alone licensing model are bound to a specific product and are charged based on the time and the number of seats they are valid for.
A stand-alone license allows you to use the supported products without the need of an internet connection.

The following things should be considered for the stand-alone licensing model:

  • An internet connection is not required

  • Charged based on the time and the number of seats the license is valid for

  • This licensing model is supported by all products

  • License is bound to a specific product

  • License is not bound to a specific version of the product

When an stand-alone license is activated, the product can be used until the activated license expires.

Expiration of StandAlone license

When the license expires the product can no longer be used.
A notification will be shown to the user: