powerGate, our .NET and PowerShell-extension, makes it possible to create scripts and applications that automate data synchronization with ERP systems.
It is designed for companies in which the engineering department works with Autodesk tools such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical and Inventor for authoring data, as well as Vault for managing data.

In addition, with the help of powerEvents and powerJobs Processor the integration between these Autodesk applications and the ERP system can be realized in a simple way.
For example, it is possible to also introduce new workflows were the presence of ERP materials and BOMs is automatically checked after Lifecycle State changes in Vault.


Pull and Transfer material information

During the design process, it is crucial for the engineer to access material information from the ERP system.
With powerGate, the designer can assign the material number and other relevant information from the ERP right from the beginning to the component he is creating.
In the Vault Client this ERP data can be viewed, created or modified in specially provided ERP Item tabs:


Pull project information

In order to archive newly created designs in the right project, it is necessary to access this information from the ERP system.
As with material information, powerGate can provide the correct project number.

Transfer BOM to the ERP system

As soon as the design takes shape, a bill of materials (BOM) will be derived from the CAD data, which must later be transferred to the ERP system.
The designer can determine whether a BOM already exists in the ERP system by using the ERP BOM tabs in the Vault Client:


Subsequently powerGate also enables the engineer to complete the CAD BOM within Vault and transfer it manually or automatically back to the ERP system, using the BOM Window: