powerGate v22





  • WebRequestException Class provides following properties:

    • Source informs about where the issue occurred. This can be either the local computer, powerGateServer or the ERP system

    • StackTrace provides details about the actual error occured in powerGateServer Plugins or on the web server of the ERP system

  • Connection problems are displayed more clearly on all workstations when beeing caused by:

    • the local computer if no request can be send to the server (e.g. no internet connection available, proxy blocks access…) or if the license has expired

    • expired powerGateServer licenses (requires powerGateServer v21.0.5 or later)

    • the powerGateServer or the ERP system when no response is returned (e.g. server not responding in time, powerGateServer service not running…)

    • incorrect data input by the Vault user or the ERP integration (e.g. invalid credentials, execution of operations for non-existing entities, bad syntax in requests…) causing the server to respond with 4xx client errors

    • the powerGateServer or the ERP system while processing $metadata requests

  • All Cmdlets now respond to non-terminating errors by additionally displaying the error messages in PowerShell consoles before the execution continues (common parameter -ErrorAction:Continue)

  • Improved performance of ERP Entity- and Media cmdlets by reducing unnecessary $metadata requests to unavailable Catalog Service-services (powerGateServer and SAP systems).
    An attempt to first find the passed -EntitySet or -EntityType only within previously available services is performed.