Demo ERP system

For evaluation and demo purposes public web services are used by the delivered sample Vault ERP Integration,
where all Vault users that are connected to the same Vault on the same Vault Server (ADMS) share the same test data.

Testdata will be removed

As this ERP system should only be used for demo and testing purposes, the stored data will be be removed after about 30 days.

The following OData service is based on the powerGateServer ERP plugin and are publicly accessible:

  • DemoService -


The following domain needs to be accessible on TCP port 80 ‘’


This demo system can be used to try out the sample Vault ERP Integrations, the .NET Library or the Cmdlets:

  1. Open the powerGate Console shortcut

  2. Connect to the Vault for which you want to start a new test session:

    Import-Module powerVault
    Open-VaultConnection -Server '<Your Vault Server>' -Vault '<Your Vault name>' -User 'Guest' ...
  3. Connect to the Demo ERP system using the provided $demoErpConnect variable, which enables a new test session for your Vault:

    Connect-ERP -Service '' -OnConnect $global:demoERPconnect
  4. Retrieve the available entity sets:

     Service                                          Name       EntityType
     -------                                          ----       ---------- Items      Item   BomRows    BomRow BomHeaders BomHeader