The names of the tabs, buttons and columns in the BOM Window will be either displayed in English or German language.
The Window uses the current threads UI culture to determine the language to be displayed.
In general this is determined by the system’s regional settings.

For changing the UI culture of the current thread within PowerShell, see the available example.

Check and Transfer

In order to open the BOM Window in a PowerShell session, the cmdlet show-bomWindow should be used.
According functions can be implemented that will be executed when performing Check or Transfer operations for Items, as well as for the BOMs and their rows.
In order to add, remove or manipulate such entities within these functions, there are according PowerShell cmdlets available as well.

Customizing the layout

The layouts of the BOM and Items table can be modified individually so only columns relevant to the user are shown.
The BOM Tab has the following columns that are always available:

Additionally all BOM and entity properties are available.

The Item Tab has the following standard columns:

Additionally all entity properties are available.

Add or remove columns

Clicking on the Field Chooser button (../../_images/fieldchooser.png) will open a new window where you can select the BOM properties (marked with the icon: ../../_images/bom_property.png ) and entity properties that should be displayed.


Filtering rows

Clicking on the small funnel (../../_images/funnel.png) next to the column name will present a dropdown menu. This menu allows you to filter all rows based on the value the row has for the filtered column.
Only rows which match the filter condition are shown. On the BOM tab, all parents of a matching row will stay visible but will be grayed out.
An active filter on a column is indicated by a blue filter icon (../../_images/funnel_active.png) in the column header. The filter can be cleared by selecting the (All) entry.
It is possible to set filters on multiple columns at the same time, only rows that match all filters will be shown.


Please note

On the BOM tab, filtering the Status column will filter the BOM status as well as the BomRow status.
Filtered columns are not automatically un-selected so clicking Check or Transfer might include entities that are hidden by the filters.

Sorting rows

Clicking on a column name will order the rows by this column values. A column that with ordering enabled has a small arrow next to the column name to indicate whether the column is ordered in ascending (../../_images/sort_asc.png) or descending (../../_images/sort_desc.png) order.
You can order by one column at a time.

Change column position and size

You can move a column by dragging it to the desired location. The placement of the column is indicated by the blue arrows.


The size of the columns can be changed.
By double clicking on the right edge of a column header the width gets auto sized based on its contents.


Saving and restoring layouts

The configuration files are saved in the following directory: %LOCALAPPDATA%\coolOrange\powerGate\:

  • For the BOM Window: StoredLayout_Window.xml

  • For the Bom Tab: StoredLayout_BomsView.xml

  • For the Item Tab: StoredLayout_ItemView.xml

The size and position of the BOM window itself is automatically saved when the window is closed and is restored when the window is opened.

The view settings for the Item and BOM tables are automatically saved when changed and will be restored when the window is opened. The size of the columns however is only saved after specific view settings are changed, such as Sorting, Filtering, Adding/Removing columns.