powerGate 2016





  • Disable specific boms

  • Update exisintg Boms and Materials if they exists in Erp


  • Remove Get-,Update- and Create-ErpMaterialForBomRow PowerShell functions from Communication.psm1

  • Added Begin/End PowerShell function for Check/Process Item/BOM

  • Removed powerJobs integration


  • Allow to Enable / Disable Items /Boms to be able to either processs them or not

  • Disable and unselect Item when all BomRows with this item are unselected

  • Bom view has Check functionality like the materials view

  • do not show checkBoxes on empty boms in BomView

  • Check,Process Button one control for each tab

  • Merge column status and progress in Bom and Material View

  • MessageBoxes should be shown when processing / checking is finished


  • improved PowerShell profile installation

  • $powerGateErrors was not set in certain scenarios

  • Setup installs ProgramData stuff on wrong drive in special cases

  • localization: default only working on english vault environment

  • improved Upgrade functionality

  • When WindowsPowershell folder does not exists setup aborted

  • Create-ErpItem: created invalid json-request when data contains special characters

  • Wrong installation, if there are multiple installations of datastandard

  • BomWindow: same BomRow on multiple levels in the Bom is not handled as same item

  • BomView: process Bom for item that is located multiple times in bom is not processed once

  • Add-ErpObject crashes when pasing null values

  • BOM with Virtual components are handled correctly

  • Assembly with one Component does not show components in window

  • Component which is used in multiple Boms can not be checked / processed

  • Material Update on Items generates new MaterialNumber for each Item

  • “usage count” column in BOM window is not set correctly

  • BOM Window shows different Row Order than Vault: should show hierarchical number e.g. 1.1.3

  • Save Window settings failes and crashes BomWindow if no rights on ProgramData folder

  • BOMtransfer not working in PowerShell v2

  • removed unnecessary logs: powerGateLogger - ERROR

  • licensing




  • Bom Window for bomcreation

  • new entity model


  • Removed XamlIncluder from CAD / Vault Datastandard Integration

  • Generate new number - When creating an item, powerGate shall suggest the next free ERP number

  • Changed logfile location to “%AllUsersProfile%/coolorange/powerGate”

  • Changed login to adress full uri to catalogservice

  • Renamed cmdlets from “SAP” to “ERP” (e.g. Get-SAPItem => Get-ErpItem)

  • Renamed cmdlets from “Item” to “Object” (e.g. Add-ERPItem => Add-ERPObject)

  • Renamed Tools Shortcut´s in StartMenu


  • Get-ErpItem with entity-properties of type numeric

  • Add-erpitem fails with navigationentity, which exists more then once