powerPLM (powerFLC) v22




  • Get-FLCItems supports retrieving the latest versions of revision-controlled Items

  • Extended Item result with new member RootId, which allows to determine the root item for different item versions


  • Transfer Item BOMs and Update-FLCBOM: Improved performance by reducing the amount of requests to Fusion 360 Manage, which check if the passed BOM line items already exist in the BOM

  • The Change Management workflow job correctly searches for Change Order items with the configured Trigger State by enclosing the name of the workflow state (which can contain spaces) in double quotes


  • Get-FLCItems: Issue with revision-controlled items not beeing returned when using the itemId property in the -Filter argument to search for non-working versions

  • The Change Management workflow job therefore failed to transfer newly added item records from the Vault Change Order to the Affected Items tab, when new revisions where created for the according Fusion 360 Manage Item

  • Configuration Manager: Issue were sometimes the dialog did not open after logging into Vault

Breaking Changes

Get-FLCItems -Filter searching terms which include spaces must be enclosed in double quotes
When upgrading from an earlier version of powerPLM (powerFLC), custom workflow jobs which make use of the Get-FLCItems cmdlet with -Filter expressions that include spaces, but are not enclosed in double quotes might not work properly!
So that such searching terms are not considered invalid by the Fusion 360 Manage backend, the words which include the spaces must simply be enclosed in double quotes (see Autodesk help: Exact matching).


Get-FLCItems ... -Filter "owner=`"Doe John`""




  • Connect-FLC provides following functionalities:

    • The Cmdlet automatically retrieve the configured Tenant Setting when it gets used without parameters or with the -UseSystemUserEmail parameters and the application is connected to Vault.

    • If an application already has an open connection to Fusion 360 Manage, the cmdlet does not recreate a new connection, and reuses the existing FLCConnection.


  • Improved performance of Cmdlets in job processor environments


  • Cmdlets: Issue that cmdlets stopped working after about 30 minutes because the access token expired.

Breaking Changes

Removed $tenant variable in Workflows
The $tenant variable which was used in Workflows for connecting to FLC, was removed and can be replaced by making use of the Connect-FLC cmdlet:



$jobs = $vault.JobService.GetJobsByDate([int]::MaxValue, [DateTime]::MinValue)
$vaultUser = $vault.AdminService.GetUserByUserId(($jobs | Where-Object { $_.Id -eq $job.Id }).CreateUserId)
Connect-FLC -Tenant $tenant.Name -ClientId $tenant.ClientId -ClientSecret $tenant.ClientSecret -UserId $vaultUser.Email


Connect-FLC -Tenant $tenant.Name -ClientId $tenant.ClientId -ClientSecret $tenant.ClientSecret -UserId $tenant.SystemUserEmail

Connect-FLC -UserSystemUserEmail




  • Two Setups are provided to install Cmdlets and Workflow components separately

  • License types powerFLC Client and powerFLC Processor have been introduced


When upgrading from previous versions it is recommended to uninstall the old version and re-installing the latest version




  • Transfer Item BOMs workflow job: Added validation for the Fusion 360 Manage properties specified in the field mapping groups Vault BOM → FLC BOM and Vault Item → FLC Item.
    Erroneous entries lead to a failing job and the user is notified in the Vault JobQueue, powerJobs Processor logfile- and Trace Window.


  • Updated Licensing to version: 18.2.27


  • Adapted Transfer Item BOMs workflow job to function with latest released Fusion 360 Manage tenant.




  • Transfer Item BOMs workflow job: Issue with validating the existence of all related Fusion 360 Manage items by using separate Get-FLCItems calls for each item.




  • The Transfer Item BOMs workflow job updates Item Details only if the description has changed since the last transfer.
    Additionally they are directly updated even for all the Vault Items contained in the BOM.


  • Significant performance improvements for the Transfer Item BOMs workflow:

  • Get-FLCItemAssociations and Change Management workflow: Improved performance for workspaces with Image fields by only downloading their content when the according properties are accessed

  • Update-FLCItem: Improved performance by reducing the amount of requests to Fusion 360 Manage when Item details are not accessed

  • The Transfer Item BOMs workflow job is now split into distinct sections, whereby all Fusion 360 Manage Items are processed in the first part of the workflow job, followed by the BOM update

  • Cosmetic changes to all scripts:

    • Parameters are now written in PascalCase to be consistent with PowerShell Standard

    • Functions are now called with their named parameters instead of positional once to be consitent with other coolOrange scripts

    • Removed usage of pipes where it hurt the readability of the script

  • Updated Licensing to version: 18.2.26


Breaking Changes

Configuration of Transfer Item BOMs workflow
When upgrading from an earlier version of powerPLM (powerFLC) the configuration of the Transfer Item BOMs workflow must be imported again!

In order to keep the modifications which were performed in this workflow configuration, the following modifications have to be performed on the existing field mapping groups:

  • rename the field mapping group “Item Field Mapping” to “Vault Item → FLC Item”

  • rename the field mapping group “BOM Field Mapping” to “Vault BOM → FLC BOM”

  • rename the field mapping group “Grid Field Mapping” to “Vault BOM → FLC Grid”

  • create a new field mapping group named “Vault primary Item-File Link → FLC Item” for Item- and File Fields.
    All the mappings from the field mapping group “Item Field Mapping”, which contains functions starting with "GetPrimaryFile", have to be added to this field mapping group.
    Instead of the Functions, the corresponding settings can simply to be set in the Vault File Property column.

Removed GetPrimaryFile* functions
All the custom workflows which contain field mappings that are using one of the following Functions are affected: GetPrimaryFileName, GetPrimaryFileFolder, GetPrimaryFileVersion, GetPrimaryFileProvider, GetPrimaryFileCategory, GetPrimaryFileState, GetPrimaryFileRevision, GetPrimaryFileProject.

The module coolOrange.powerFLC.Workflows.MappingFunctions.psm1 must be temporarily saved apart before upgrading to the latest version of powerPLM (powerFLC).
After the upgrade, the new version of this file can simply be replaced with your previous version, so that the removed functions are available again in the Configuration Manager dialog.







  • New Cmdlet: Get-FLCItemAssociations provides functionality to

  • New Cmdlet: Save-FLCAttachment to download a specified attachment from Fusion 360 Manage.

  • Extended Attachment result with new members: Id, FileName, Folder, Description, Size and Version.

  • Update-FLCItem: Extended functionality to link items to an existing item in Fusion 360 Manage by providing a new parameter -AffectedItems.




  • Update-FLCItem: Provided functionality to perform workflow actions on an item in a workspace by providing new parameters -WorkflowAction to execute a workflow action and -Comment.


  • Cmdlets: Issue with missing WorkflowState member on Item and BomRow results for Revisioning Workspaces.




  • Added support for Vault 2022


  • Updated Licensing to version: 18.1.24

  • End User License Agreement (EULA) has changed