Linked Item

The Linked Item object is of type PsObject and represents the link between two Fusion 360 Manage Items.

The $linkedItem object provides all the members from the linked Item and additionally all the details which are specific to this link.
The properties can be retrieved with a ‘LinkedItem_’ prefix and the same name as the Fields displayed in the Fusion 360 Manage Linked Items Tab, however if they contain whitespaces they must be be accessed by enclosing them in single quotes.

Managed items which are revised/released through this link relationship (even known as Affected Items, Workflow Items or Associated Change Orders) provide additional properties which can be retrieving using this ‘LinkedItem_’ prefix.



For linked items from revision-controlled workspaces a set of predefined Fields is always available in addition to the members of the related Item revision.
They are only meaningful to Managed Items:






A date at which the Managed Item will become or has been effective.



The current lifecycle phase of the Managed Item.



The initial item revisions name



The resulting item revisions name


The property LinkedItem_EffectivityDate contains the date in which an item in a revisioning workspace is revised/released. If no specific date is set, the effectivity date is implied by the release date of the change order. In the Fusion 360 Manage UI the value On Release is displayed in the text box. Since this is not a valid date format the property is displayed as empty by the Cmdlet.

Similar as for Item Fields even the values of Custom Linked-Item fields are provided as a corresponding PowerShell data type depending on their configured Field types.


Example of an Affected Item which gets modified as part of a Change Order:

Id                              : 7531
Workspace                       : Items and BOMs
RootId                          : 7519
LinkedItem_LifecycleTransition  : Production Revision
LinkedItem_EffectivityDate      : 6/7/2021 12:00:00 AM
LinkedItem_FromRevision         : A
LinkedItem_ToRevision           : B
LinkedItem_Note                 : Screw
LinkedItem_In Stock Quantity    : 1.2
LinkedItem_Disposition          : Use Until Depleted
Number                          : 367-00001
Description                     : ENCLOSURE Injection Molded PC Black Raw Gloss
Industry                        : Consumer High Tech