Using Workflows

Transferring the BOM of a Vault Item to Fusion 360 Manage

With powerPLM (powerFLC) you can automate different scenarios when working within Vault Client and exchanging data with Fusion 360 Manage, for instance transferring the metadata of a Vault Item and its Bill Of Material information to Fusion 360 Manage.
This is very simple because powerPLM (powerFLC) offers the Transfer Item BOMs workflow example. So all you have to do is:

Guarantee existence of prerequisite workspace Vault Items and Boms

The workflow makes use of the default workspace “​Vault Items and Boms”.
This workspace is either pre-installed if you work with newer Fusion 360 Manage tenants, or must be be installed via Administration → App Store and the pre-configured Autodesk example PDMC Vault:


Connect Vault with Fusion 360 Manage

In order to connect to your Fusion 360 Manage tenant please make sure that the tenant is configured correctly.
Open a Vault Client and enter the required Fusion 360 Manage Credentials for authentication.

../../_images/vlt_tools_settings1.png ../../_images/vlt_tenant_settings1.png

Import the configuration using following file: %ProgramData%\coolOrange\powerJobs\Jobs\Sample.TransferItemBOMs.json.
If required adapt the workflow settings or create the properties in Vault and/or FLC that are missing.
Finally press Save.

../../_images/import_workflow.png ../../_images/powerflc_configuration_manager.png

Trigger Job for Workflow

Configure a Vault lifecycle state transition for items to trigger the Job Type: Sample.TransferItemBOMs on a lifecycle change.
Afterwards select a VaultItem and change its lifecycle state to the respective state.

../../_images/vault_lifecycle_customjob_transfer_item_bom.png ../../_images/vault_item_change_state.png

Job Processor

In order to execute the job you have to start the Job Processor.
We recommend using the powerJobs Processor which can be started using the shortcut on the Desktop or in the StartMenu.



After the Job Processor has finished processing the Job, the item and its mapped Vault Properties, Attachments, Bill of Materials and Part List Details should be transferred successfully to your Fusion 360 Manage Tenant.