The BomRow object is of type PsObject and represents an individual line item in a BOM of a specific Fusion 360 Manage Item.

The $bomRow object is dynamically created depending on the defined Custom BOM fields which are assigned to a View in the Bill of Materials Tab and additionally provides all the members from the corresponding Item.

The BOM specific properties have the same name as the BOM Fields in Fusion 360 Manage starting with the ‘Bom_’ prefix (regardless of the used display names in the different BOM Views).
Properties that include whitespaces can be accessed by enclosing them in single quotes.



The following Standard BOM fields are always available in addition to the Item members:






The line number of the item in the BOM



The quantity of the item in the BOM



The Unit Abbreviation value of the BOM line item (e.g. EA, kg, mm,…).

The Unit of Measure property on the according Item returns the full Unit name instead.”


Similar as for Item Fields, the Custom BOM field properties are converted to a corresponding PowerShell data type based on the configured Field types in Fusion 360 Manage.


Example of a single line item in BOM of Item ‘699-00001 - p681 GeForce GT210’:

Id                           : 7516
Workspace                    : Items and BOMs
RootId                       : 7516
Bom_PositionNumber           : 2
Bom_Quantity                 : 1.0
Bom_UnitAbbreviation         : EA
Bom_RoHS                     : False
Bom_Conflict Minerals        : False
Bom_REACH                    : False
Bom_Min Cost                 : 3.227
Bom_Ref Des                  :
Number                       : 680-00001
Description                  : SUB-BOM Thermal Mechanical
Unit of Measure              : Each
Prefix                       : 000
MPN1                         : NVTHM-001
MFR1                         : @{Id=5837; Workspace=Suppliers; WorkflowState=Active; Name=Foxconn Electronics;
	                               Type=Contract Manufacturer; Main Phone=888-555-1226; ... }
MPN_PREF1                    : Approved
Short Description1           :
Octopart Min Price1          : 0
Datasheet LinkHL1            :
Octopart LinkHL1             :
MPN2                         :
MFR2                         :
MPN_PREF2                    : Unapproved
Short Description2           :
Octopart Min Price2          : 0
Datasheet LinkHL2            :
Octopart LinkHL2             :
MPN3                         :
MFR3                         :
MPN_PREF3                    : Unapproved
Short Description3           :
Octopart Min Price3          : 0
Datasheet LinkHL3            :
Octopart LinkHL3             :
MPN4                         :
MFR4                         :
MPN_PREF4                    : Unapproved
Short Description4           :
Octopart Min Price4          : 0
Datasheet LinkHL4            :
Octopart LinkHL4             :
MPN5                         :
MFR5                         :
MPN_PREF5                    : Unapproved
Short Description5           :
Octopart Min Price5          : 0
Datasheet LinkHL5            :
Octopart LinkHL5             :
RoHS                         : False
REACH                        : False
Conflict Minerals            : False
Cost and Inventory           :
ERP Cost                     :
Industry                     : Consumer High Tech
Linked Description Generator : @{Id=7375; Workspace=Item Description Generator; Code=DG000033; Prefix=680;
	                               Class 1=Items and BOMs; Class 2=BOM; Class 3=Sub BOM Thermal Mechanical; ... }
Classification Values        :
Average Cost                 :
itemID                       :
Octopart Image1              :
Datasheet Link1              :
Octopart Link1               :
Octopart Image2              :
Datasheet Link2              :
Octopart Link2               :
Octopart Image3              :
Datasheet Link3              :
Octopart Link3               :
Octopart Image4              :
Datasheet Link4              :
Octopart Link4               :
Octopart Image5              :
Datasheet Link5              :
Octopart Link5               :