powerPLM (powerFLC) v25




  • Updated Licensing to version: 18.4.1.
    The product can now be easily activated on new environments via a single customer key - together with all other coolOrange products in your subscription.

  • The Transfer Item BOMs workflow has been updated for Autodesk’s official standard “Items” workspace

  • For this, the Configuration Manager dialog now allows easy mapping of Vault Id and MasterId, e.g. to enable the new Vault Thin and Thick Client buttons on transferred Fusion Manage “Items”


  • Added support for Vault 2025

  • The Windows Start Menu now contains the coolOrange-wide Licence Manager instead of the powerFLC License Information shortcut

  • Introduced a new product icon that’s simpler and easy to recognize within our product portfolio

  • The Sample.TransferItemBOMs.json file now contains appropriate property and field mappings for the “Items” workspace
    (Vault Thin Client links, for example, are now calculated by Fusion Manage to simplify updates after changes to the ADMS name)

  • Removed sample code for populating the Part List Details Grid in the Transfer Item BOMs job, along with the related settings 'Grid ID Field', 'Enable Grid Transfer' and 'Transfer Grid only if BOM is merged'.
    Additionally, the setting 'Use RowOrder as BOM Position' is no longer necessary for the Bill of Materials transfer and has been removed.
    The original sample can be found on coolOrangeLabs.

  • Added DEPRECATED support for removed CleanupWorkingDirectory function


  • “Page not found” error page opens after clicking “How To: Configure Custom Jobs…” in the Configuration Manager dialog

Breaking Changes

Removed CleanupWorkingDirectory function
The CleanupWorkingDirectory function from the provided coolOrange.powerFLC.Workflows.Common.psm1 module has been removed.
With powerJobs Processor v22.0.19 the working directory is automatically cleaned up after every job execution.
If required, the Clean-Up cmdlet can be used directly in the custom workflow jobs.