Job Triggers Tab

The Job Triggers Tab of the powerJobs Processor Settings Dialog displays the Triggers for the selected job and allows to configure them.
The configured Triggers only apply to the current Vault.
Job Triggers do not support replicated environments.


The input masks in the beginning of the Job Triggers tab allow the following configurations:

Job Description
The description for the queued job. The entity name will be appended automatically. E.g. the description “Publish PDF” results in “Publish PDF: Bosch Caster.idw”.
If no description is set, a default value containing the job’s name will be used.

Job Priority
The priority wherewith the job is queued. The minimum priority value is 1 (highest priority) and the maximum value is 200 (lowest priority).

Filters are conditions that the entity (File, Item, Change Order, Custom Entity) must meet, for a job to be queued when a configured trigger takes effect. Filters are applied on Vault properties (system- and user-defined properties).
When no filters are set, the job is always queued for the entity. When multiple filters are set, all filters must match for the job to be queued.
It is possible to specify one or multiple values for each filter. When multiple values are set, at least one value must match for the filter to match. Multiple values must be separated with semicolons (;).

Refer to the following example to queue the job only for files with the file extension idw or dwg, and which are assigned to the Category Engineering the following filters can be used:

  • One filter for the File Extension vault property with the filter value idw; dwg to match both extensions.

  • A second filter for the Category Name vault property with the value Engineering


The previously mentioned settings can be considered as general settings because they apply to all the triggers which can be configured in the tabs beneath:

Trigger job automatically on lifecycle state changes

The tab Lifecycle State Change displays all the available lifecyle states for the selected job’s entity type.


It allows then to configure one- or multiple target states which queue the job, when a jobs entity (File, Item, etc…) reaches the according state and when all configured filters apply.
To disable the Lifecycle State Change trigger no state can be selected.
Lifecycle States are displayed in the format: Lifecycle Name / State Name and for Change Orders: Workflow Name / State Name.

Requires powerJobs Client

This feature requires powerJobs Client (version 23.0.1 or newer) to be installed on the workstations as it relies on the SubmitJobsOnLifecycleTransition script.

Trigger job manually by context menu item

The tab Context Menu Trigger allows to configure if the currently selected job should be queueable from the context menu in Vault Clients for the according entity type.
Checking the checkbox in the dialog allows enables the context menu item. The display name (label) of the item can be specified in the textbox beneath.
The context menu item will be accessible in the Vault Clients, by right-clicking an entity (File, Item, etc…) and expanding the pulldown menu “powerJobs Client”. By clicking the item the job will be queued if all configured filters apply. The following Job Trigger Settings:

result in the following context menu item in the Vault client:

It is possible to click the context menu item for one- or more entites. If no job was queued because the filters did not apply, a messagebox will inform the user.

Changes made in the dialog become active after restarting the Vault Clients.
This feature is currently not supporting custom entities!

Requires powerJobs Client

This feature requires powerJobs Client (version 23.0.2 or newer) to be installed on the workstations as it relies on the SubmitJobsOnVaultMenuItemClick script.

Default Values

Some Jobs are delivered with default values for their job triggers. These default values are only loaded when the affected Job is not already configured in the current Vault environment.
Default values are loaded from files in the jobs directory with the same name as the Job script but ending in .defaults instead of .ps1.
The default settings files do not contain Lifecycle State Change Trigger, so automatic job queueing is disabled by default.

Automatic clean-up of settings

On startup of the powerJobs Settings Dialog various “clean-up” operations are executed in the background in order to guarantee integrity and consistency between already stored trigger settings and the actual state of jobs and Vault configuration.

These actions are carried out for the following conditions:

  1. when existing jobs are deleted or re-named in the jobs directory the related stored trigger settings are purged

  2. if lifecycle definitions -or states are deleted or re-named in Vault, the according activated Lifecycle State Change Trigger will be removed for all jobs.

  3. if Vault properties are deleted or re-named in Vault, the according activated Filters will be removed for all jobs.

The log file informs about the affected jobs and its removed settings.