Activation and Trial limitations

Trial limitations

There is no difference in functionality between the trial version and the fully licensed product.
After the installation the product is available as a trial version for 30 days.
During this time, the sample Vault ERP Integration can also be tested against our Demo ERP and all your test data will be retained.


The product can be activated during or after the trial period.
For manually activating the product following Dialog can be used:

License Information

Open the Start Menu and navigate to “All AppscoolOrangepowerGate 24.0 License Information” shortcut.



Launch the License Information tool located in the install directory with the required Command-line arguments.
Example: Activating a Stand-Alone license using a serial number:

"C:\Program Files\coolOrange\Modules\powerGate\License.exe" --StandAlone --Serialnumber="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"

For more information about activating the product, see Licensing.

Licensing Options

Token Licensing

This licensing model charges based on the product usage per user and per day.
Regardless of whether powerGate gets used in a PowerShell session or in a .NET application, Tokens will be consumed when connecting to ERP.
After the first connection to ERP no additional Tokens will be consumed for the next 24 hours.
That means during this time period it is possible to connect to multiple ERP systems without additional costs.

The amount of available Tokens can be found in the License Information Dialog.

No Tokens left or Internet problems

When the machine has no Internet or no more Tokens are available powerGate still provides a grace period for multiple days and shows Windows Notifications about the overdraft to the users.
After that period powerGate stops working and requires Internet connection and/or Tokens to be purchased.

Stand Alone Licensing

This product supports the Stand-Alone licensing model which is charged based on the time the license is valid and the number of seats the license is valid for.
For further information see the detailed description of the Stand-Alone licensing model.
In the License Information Dialog the remaining days until the license expires can be found.

License expired

When the license expires, powerGate will show a windows notification and the ERP Integration notifies about the license error within the Connection Error Dialog, BOM Window Error statuses and powerEvents restrictions.
The Connect-ERP cmdlet and the IErpClient.ConnectErp function throw a LicenseException when attempting to connect to an OData server.
Any subsequently executed ERP cmdlets or .NET Library functions will fail and prevent the user and configured automatisms from working with the ERP.

This also applies if the OData service is a powerGateServer.
In this case, all Vault workstations will be informed about the expired powerGateServer license.

Offline activation

The serial number of the license and the machine code are required to generate an activation file.
The activation file for an offline activation can be generated and downloaded on the following site: powerGate - Activation file generator