powerFLC allows the exchange of data between Vault and Fusion 360 Manage as well as PowerShell and Fusion 360 Manage.
This is made possible through Workflows and a set of PowerShell Cmdlets.


The powerFLC PowerShell Module makes it possible to create scripts for automating the work with Fusion 360 Manage.
It provides a set of commandlets which allows you to communicate with your Fusion 360 Manage Tenant in an easy to use and customizable way.


In order to create a solution for your own defined scenarios when working within Vault Client and exchanging data with Fusion 360 Manage, powerFLC provides an according Configuration-Manager dialog to easily configure such a Workflow.
Pre-installed powerJobs Processor jobs act as examples for the most common transfer scenarios from Vault to Fusion 360 Manage or vice versa.