Getting started

An overview of powerJobs Client, how to use, examples, and more.
To see detailed information about the supported notifications see here.

Trigger notifications within Vault

Open the Vault Client and queue DWF job for a file


User receives notification for queued job


If the job fails, the user will receive a notification for the erroneous job



In case multiple jobs are triggered at the same time in a short time period the user will not get flooded with notifications, instead he receives a single notification.


Good to know

powerJobs Client is primarily used to monitor jobs that are submitted directly within the Vault Client, or with the help of powerEvents and powerVault within client customizations.

However, it can also be easily configured to become active in other processes which use a VDF Vault connection, for example in:

Because powerJobs Client is a Vault WebServiceExtension it can be loaded in every application which uses the Autodesk.Connectivity.WebServices.dll.