Getting Started


mightyBrowser helps Inventor users to have descriptive nodes in the Inventor browser of an assembly, part, presentation or drawing. For a first overview have a look into this video.

The Inventor Add-In mightyBrowser provides a function to update the description of components of the Inventor browser based on configured iProperties. You find the mightyBrowser command in the coolOrange ribbon:




After installation of the Add-In and restarting Inventor there is a new function available:
Call command Update Browser Nodes from the coolOrange ribbon

This function can be performed either manually or automatically after opening or before saving a document.


For drawing (IDW and Inventor DWG), presentation (IPN), assembly (IAM) and part documents (IPT), the top node (display name) in the browser will be updated after executing the function.

The VIEWs in the Inventor browser of an drawing (IDW, DWG) are also updated.

For assembly documents (IAM) additionally the component names will be updated according to the iProperty definition that is definded in the config file. (See chapter mightyBrowser Settings.)

  • The default setting for the browser node is the combination of the iProperty ‘Title’ and ‘Part Number’: {Title}-{Part Number}

  • By default the browser nodes are not updated when the file is opened or saved.

  • By default the browser nodes of Content Center Parts, Library files and Functional Documents - like Frame Generator components, Design Accelerator components, Tube and Pipe components and Cable and Harness components - are not updated.

For iPart factories the update of the browser name is ignored!