qJob helps Vault users to queue jobs directly from the vault client.

Not all the jobs are automated. Sometimes you might have the need to run the job manually on certain files, folders etc. Or sometimes you have just to test the job. That’s where qJob comes in. With a couple of simple xml entries, you can add your custom menus that triggers the jobs you want to be added to the Job Queue. Be it a standard Vault job, or custom jobs (coolOrange powerJobs’ job), qJob will add any job to the Job Queue.

The core feature of the qJob is to simplify the process of adding jobs to the job queue. The way you use it is to simply add an entry in the ‘MenuSettings.xml’ file and restart your Vault client. Once restarted, you will find new menu depending on configuration in the entry, which will add the corresponding job defined in the configuration to the job queue.