An ItemBomRow is of type Item and represents a single row entry in the BOM of an Item in Vault.

The $itemBomRow object is dynamically generated with additional BOM specific properties.


Following properties are always available in addition to the Item members:

stringBom_NumberThe Number of the item row. For rows assigned to an item this is the item Number.
intBom_RowOrderThe Order of the item in the BOM.
stringBom_PositionNumberThe Position Number of the item row.
doubleBom_QuantityThe Quantity of the item row.
stringBom_UnitThe Unit of Measure of the item row (e.g. Each, inch, liter, kg,…).
boolBom_IsCadIndicates if the item row is created by CAD or manually.

ItemBomRows that are not linked to any existing Vault item only provide the BOM specific properties. No Item properties are available for unassigned rows.

$itemBomRow is supporting this feature:

  • all active properties can be accessed via the displayName
  • all active properties can be accessed via _SystemName

except: the ones with guids (=user defined)

ItemBomRow-object on an english environment:

Bom_Number                        : NU-41880947
Bom_Unit                          : Each
Bom_Quantity                      : 1
Bom_RowOrder                      : 1
Bom_PositionNumber                : 1
Bom_IsCad                         : True
Version                           : 29
_VersionNumber                    : 29
Comment                           :
_Comment                          :
Number of Attachments             : Autodesk.DataManagement.Client.Framework.Vault.Currency.Properties.ImageInfo
_NumManualAttachments             : Autodesk.DataManagement.Client.Framework.Vault.Currency.Properties.ImageInfo
Date Modified                     : 18.06.2019 15:08:46
_ModDate                          : 18.06.2019 15:08:46
Equivalence Value                 : ERP-16209830
_EquivalenceValue                 : ERP-16209830
Id                                : 138730
MasterId                          : 569
PersistentId                      :
PersistentMasterId                :