Returns a collection of Change Order associations.

Get-VaultChangeOrderAssociations -Number <String> -Type <ChangeOrderAssocType> [<CommonParameters>]

Type Name Description Optional
String Number Number of the Change Orderno
ChangeOrderAssocType Type Specifies which association type is retrievedno

Item[] / File[] ← on success
empty ← on failure

The Cmdlet returns the exact version of the associations.

Name Description
ItemRecords Get the item record associations
FileRecords Get the file record associations

Get a Change Orders FileRecord associations

$files = Get-VaultChangeOrderAssociations -Number "ECO-100001" -Type FileRecords
Display all Item- and File-Record associations of a Change Order in console
$allAssocs = @( Get-VaultChangeOrderAssociations -Number "ECO-100001" -Type FileRecords; Get-VaultChangeOrderAssociations -Number "ECO-100001" -Type ItemRecords)
$allAssocs | Format-Table Id, _EntityTypeID, Name, Revision, State

Id  _EntityTypeID  Name          Revision  State 
--- -------------- ------------- --------- --------
15  FILE           Valve.ipt     2         Released  
16  FILE           Pad_Lock.iam  2         Released
22  ITEM           1000002       1         Released