Creates a Change Order in Vault.

Add-VaultChangeOrder -Number <String> [-Routing <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Type Name Description Default value Optional
String Number Number of the Change Orderno
StringRountingThe name of an active Routing that should be used for the Change Order.The name of the default Routing Definition that is configured in Vaultyes

ChangeOrder ← on success
empty ← on failure

An empty Change Order gets created that doesn't track any changes to design files yet and its Due Date will already be reached on the current day of creation.
Only routing entries from the list of active Routing Definitions can be passed to the -Routing parameter, and these are related to the default Workflow Definition that is configured in Vault and gets used for all the new Change Orders.

Create a new Change Order:

$changeOrder = Add-VaultChangeOrder -Number "ECO-0000022"

Display all the automatically assigned details of the new Change Order in Console:

$changeOrder = Add-VaultChangeOrder -Number "200-115"

#Print the Rounting, State, Due Date, Title, Detailed Description and the amount of associated Item Records and File Attachments of the Change Order
$changeOrder | Format-Table Routing,_State,_ApproveDeadline,'_Title(Item,CO)','_Description(Item,CO)',_NumItems,_NumFileAttachments
Rounting          _State _ApproveDeadline    _Title(Item,CO) _Description(Item,CO) _NumItems _NumFileAttachments
----------------- ------ ------------------- --------------- --------------------- --------- -------------------
Production Change Create 11.05.2017 10:19:00                                               0                   0

Specifying a routing to be used for the created Change Order:

$changeOrder = Add-VaultChangeOrder -Number "ECO-000110" -Routing 'First Release'