Vault Client Extension

When Vault Explorer is launched with a user that has enough permissions, the Job Queue is automatically enabled on that Vault-Server:

  • The user requires the role Document Consumer in order to check if the Job Queue is enabled.
  • Users with the permissions of Configuration Administrator are allowed to enable the Job Queue for all the users.

To trigger a job from within the Vault Client you have to open the 'Job Dialog', which can be found in the 'powerJobs' menu.
The according item is only enabled if a File is selected!

Currently the powerJobs Menu supports only triggering jobs for Files.

The jobs triggered using the powerJobs Menu have certain entity specific information, as the Id and EntityType of the selected elements within the Vault Client.

When triggering a new Job for Files following parameters will be added:

  • EntityId
  • EntityClassId with value “FILE”
  • FileId

This parameters are used by the Setup_Job script functionality in the PowerJobs Processor to automatically create the $file representation for the file.