powerJobs v19



  • Official Release
  • Updated to powershell 4.0
  • replaced Log4PostSharp with PostSharp Diagnostics for extended Debug logging
  • Re-enabled extended Debug Logging for Vault 2019
  • Removed powerJobs Console shortcut from startmenu
  • Assembly coolOrange.VaultServices_[Vault Version] gets installed into the GAC
  • Increasing memory usage when objects created in job scripts do not get cleaned up manually

Breaking Changes

Removed Add-Log

Removed 'Add-Log' Cmdlet.
Use Write-Host Cmdlet instead.

Changed return type of Open-Document, Export-Document and Close-Document

Removed $result.ErrorMessage property and replaced it with $result.Error property.
Use $result.Error.Message instead.



  • Added InventorServer to supported Applications
  • Added support for Vault, Inventor and DWG TrueView 2019 (BETA)
  • Added DEPRECATED support for removed $powerJobs.Job in 18.0.11.
  • Open-Document doesn't work for DWG files when using DWG TrueView 2019 (BETA), this is caused by a bug in Trueview, you will find a workaround explained by Autodesk here.
Extended Debug Logging is disabled for Vault 2019