powerJobs v18



  • Assemblies coolorange.licensing and coolorange.Utils.UI now gets installed in the GAC



  • Updated powerVault to version: 18.0.17
  • Removed updating comments in sample jobs when adding attachments to files

Breaking Changes

Removed 'Job' Member of $powerJobs variable.
Use $job object instead.

  • MessageBox 'Job Server is enabled' pops up on every start of Vault Explorer when user has not enought permissions to enable the Job-Queue
  • Only files with extension PS1 are seen as Jobs from powerJobs: e.g. when renaming .ps1 files into .ps1_old, that files is not registered as Job any more, can not be executed in JobProcessor, and VaultClient-Extension does not show that file in drop-down list.
  • Open-Document only changes Inventor-ProjectFile if really required, and not if that project file is already active
  • Open-Document Improved error-message when Inventor projectFile can not be modified, because other documents with different projectFile are already opened in this session



  • Official Release
  • Added support for Vault 2018
  • Removed support for Vault 2014 & 2015R2
  • Updated powerVault to version: 18.0.8
  • Changed Logging to have a single centralized configuration file and shared logging assembly in GAC
  • Changed registry keys to “HKLM\Software\coolOrange s.r.l.\powerJobs”: Location and Version