Change logs



  • Issue with user names which contain white spaces could not be used with powerJobs Processor for logging into Vault
  • Issue that Assert Failure dialogues prevented the user from starting the powerJobs Processor on environments were no Job Processor login credentials has been saved previously (or after installing Vault Client updates)
  • Issue with starting the powerJobs Processor when authenticating using Autodesk ID (Vault 2022)
  • Issue where cryptic error messages were displayed when problems has been detected during the start of powerJobs Processor



  • Added support for Vault, Inventor and DWG TrueView 2022
  • Updated Licensing to version: 18.1.24
  • End User License Agreement (EULA) has changed
  • Removed DEPRECATED support for removed Add-Log cmdlet in 19.0.7
  • Removed DEPRECATED support for removed ErrorMessage property on results of document related cmdlets in 19.0.7
  • Added DEPRECATED support for replaced $changeOrder
  • Issue that error messages displayed <No File> instead of <ScriptBlock> in the stacktrace when an error occurred in a ScriptBlock.

Breaking Changes

Replaced $changeOrder

The $changeOrder object of type Autodesk.DataManagement.Client.Framework.Vault.Currency.Entities.ChangeOrder provided in Jobs has been replaced by the powerVault ChangeOrder object.
Members of $changeOrder used in Scripts such as EntityIterationId and Number should therefore be replaced with Id and _Number.