The BOM object is of type PsObject and gets generated based on the result of the function Get-BomRows.

Therefore $boms are usually extended powerVault Files or powerVault Items.


Following properties are always available :

BomRow[]ChildrenAll the child rows returned from the function Get-BomRows as Array of BomRows.
Status_StatusThe current status of the BOM in the BOM Tab.
string_TooltipThe BOM's tooltip message that is displayed when hovering over the BOM status in the BOM Tab.
string_NameThe name of the BOM header, that gets displayed in the BOM Tab column 'Name'.

A list of $boms gets passed into the functions:

Entity Properties

The BOM object directly provides all the information of the Header Item, e.g. the name of the according root item.
These are all the properties declared with simple names (not starting with the prefix 'Bom_').

At least following standard properties should always be available: _Name.

All the other properties are custom properties that can be displayed in both the BOM Tab and the Item Tab.
For example Description, _Category or all the other dynamically generated members of a powerVault File or Item.

BOM Properties

This are all the properties with the prefix 'Bom_', like e.g. Bom_Number, Bom_PositionNumber, Bom_Unit, …
In contrast to BomRows, the BOM object can only provide custom properties and there are no standard properties at all!
BOM properties can only be displayed in the BOM Tab.