The Item object is of type PsObject and represents an Item of a specific workspace in Fusion Lifecycle.

The $item object is dynamically created depending on the defined Fields which are assigned to a Section or Matrix in the Item Details Tab.
Each field is attached to the PsObject as NoteProperty member with the same name and value as defined in the Fusion Lifecycle workspace.
Properties containing white spaces can be accessed by enclosing them in single quotes.


The following properties provide information about the item itself:

longIdA unique identifier for the item in Fusion Lifecycle.
stringWorkspaceThe name of the workspace containing the item.
stringWorkflowStateThe name of the workflow state the item is currently in. Only available in Workspaces with Workflows.
stringLifecycleStateThe name of the lifecycle state the item is currently in.

Depending on the configured Field types in Fusion Lifecycle the properties are converted to a corresponding PowerShell data type.

Fusion LifecyclePowerShell
Auto NumberString
Single Line TextString
Paragraph w/o Line BreaksString
Check BoxBoolean
BOM UOM Pick ListString
Defined Pick List - Single SelectionString
Defined Pick List - Multiple SelectionString[]
Workspace Pick List - Single SelectionItem
Workspace Pick List - Multiple SelectionItem[]

Id                                    : 7552
Workspace                             : Products
WorkflowState                         : In Design
LifecycleState                        : Production
Number                                : 900-00004
Description                           : DESKTOP Compute Kepler (GK) Tesla K40 PCIe 12GB 10.5in Long
Task Template                         : @{Id=7561; Workspace=Project Task Template; Number=TT000001;
                                        Name=Consumer High Tech; ... }
Bracket Width                         : Double Slot
Length                                : 10.5
Marketing Name                        :
Memory Size                           : 12GB
PCB Form Factor                       : PCIe
Processor Family                      : Kepler (GK)
Product Class Name                    : DESKTOP_COMPUTE
Project Number                        : K40
Volume                                :
Volume Current                        :
Volume Diff                           :
Volume Comment                        :
ASP                                   :
ASP Current                           :
ASP Diff                              :
ASP Comment                           :
Product Cost                          :
Product Cost Current                  :
Product Cost Diff                     :
Product Cost Comment                  :
Revenue                               :
Revenue Current                       :
Revenue Diff                          :
Revenue Comment                       :
Margin                                :
Margin Current                        :
Margin Diff                           :
Margin Comment                        :
Concept Approvers                     :  {Black Amanda, Miller Boris}
Concept Approvers Has                 :
Requirements Definition Approvers     :
Requirements Definition Approvers Has :
Development Approvers                 :
Development Approvers Has             :
Validation Testing Approvers          :
Validation Testing Approvers Has      :
Pilot Run Approvers                   :
Pilot Run Approvers Has               :
Production Approvers                  :
Production Approvers Has              :
Product Families                      : {@{Id=7553; Workspace=Product Description Generator; Code=DG000003;
                                        Class Name=DESKTOP_COMPUTE; ... },
                                        @{Id=7551; Workspace=Product Description Generator; Code=DG000002;
                                        Class Name=DESKTOP_PRO; ... }}
Industry                              : Consumer High Tech
Classification Values                 : MARKETING_NAME:, MEMORY_SIZE1:12GB, LENGTH:10.5, PROJECT_NUMBER:K40,
                                        PCB_FORM_FACTOR:PCIe, PROCESSOR_FAMILY:Kepler (GK),
                                        PRODUCT_CLASS_NAME:DESKTOP_COMPUTE, BRACKET_WIDTH1:Double Slot,