In order to use the commandlets with your Fusion Lifecycle tenant you have to make sure that the tenant is configured correctly.

The cmdlets try to perform as less requests as possible to Fusion Lifecycle in order to ensure high performance.

Tenant configuration data

This means that configuration settings such as Workspaces, Fields, Defined Picklist values and BOM UOM Picklist values
will be retrieved only when required from the connected Fusion Lifecycle tenant.

After retrieving these settings once, no further request are required as the results are cached by the product.

Cmdlets related to Fusion Lifecycle connection.

Connect-FLCConnects to a Fusion Lifecycle tenant.

Cmdlets for retrieving, adding and updating Fusion Lifecycle Item(s).

Get-FLCItemsRetrieves items from an Fusion Lifecycle workspace.
Add-FLCItemAdds a new Item to a workspace in Fusion Lifecycle.
Update-FLCItemUpdates properties of an existing Item in Fusion Lifecycle.

Cmdlets related to Fusion Lifecycle Item Attachment(s).

Add-FLCAttachmentAdds an Attachment to an existing Item in Fusion Lifecycle.

Cmdlets for retrieving and manipulating Fusion Lifecycle Item Bom(s).

Get-FLCBOMRetrieves the BOM of an FLC Item.
Update-FLCBOMManipulates the BOM of an existing Item in Fusion Lifecycle.