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-====== FAQ ====== 
-Q: Which Inventor versions are supported? \\ 
-A: Inventor/​Inventor Professional 2021, 2020 and 2019 \\ 
-Q: I am using Frame Generator parts. Is it possible that the component names are also updated? \\ 
-A: Yes, it is possible. You need to changethe setting '​UpdateFunctionalDocuments'​ to true, like described in chapter [[mightybrowser:​settings|mightyBrowser Settings]]. \\ 
-Q: When I open an iPart factory the browser name is not updated. Why? \\ 
-A: If the display name of an iPart factory would be modified already generated ipart members might not find the factory. Therfore, the app is not updating display names of iPart factories! 
-Q: I have set switch '​UpdateOnOpen'​ to '​true'​ in mightyBrowser.dll.config but when I call command '​Open'​ on the context menu of the browser tree, the '​Update Browser Node' is not done on the opened file. \\ 
-A: '​UpdateOnOpen'​ is not implemented when the '​Open'​ command is called from the browser tree. If you are missing this feature, please send an email to [[support@coolOrange.com]] and ask for that feature. 
-===== Known issues ===== 
-==== Label of sections ==== 
-If switch '​UpdateViews'​ is set to true the label of the VIEW is modified. If you insert a section on the sheet, the default for the text of the section is the label of the VIEW. Therefore instead of just the expected text '​A'​ or '​B'​ a complete browser node text is displayed. 
-Solution: Either set configuration switch '​UpdateViews'​ in mightyBrowser.dll.config to '​false'​ or Overwrite the text for the section. 
-==== UpdateFunctionalDocuments ==== 
-If switch '​UpdateFunctionalDocuments'​ is set to true in the config file, it might happen that some of the browser names of Frame Generator parts are not updated. 
-Workaround: Call command "​Rename Browser Nodes" from the Productivity tool, and either apply Filename or Part Number as new name. Then call "​Update Browser Nodes" from the coolOrange ribbon again. 
-==== Browser name of an IPN in VIEWs ==== 
-Browser name of an IPN as component in a VIEW of a drawing cannot be updated. 
-==== Config file is overwritten when installing the update of mightyBrowser ==== 
-If you have modified the mightyBrowser.dll.config file and run an update of mightyBrower the config file is overwritten. Therefore it is recommended to backup the config file before the update is done. Then the own settings can be transferred to the new installed config file.