.NET Library

The bcpDevKit .NET library contains a set of classes, interfaces, and value types that makes it very easy to create your own BCP-package which can be imported into Vault.

The libary supports:

  • .Net Framework 4.5 or higher.
BcpServiceBuilderThis factory creates the BcpService with the relevant settings for you.
ExportSettingsThis class provides settings for the creation of typically Vault settings that will be created in the package.
EntitiesTableGrants direct access to the BCP entities.
IBcpServiceProvides all the functionality to create a BCP package.
ICustomObjectServiceProvides functionality to add, search and manipulate custom objects and their definition syntax.
IFileServiceContains functionality to add, search and manipulate files and folders in your package.
IItemServiceContains functionality to deal with items and BOM.
BcpVersionSpecifies the Vault version of the BCP package.