This sample script provides a function to access settings from the default configuration Sample.PowerGateConfiguration.xml, which are used to change the behavior of our sample ERP features in Vault Client and Inventor.

The Sample.PowerGateConfiguration.xml file, for example, contains default values for Unit of Measures and configurations for mapping Vault properties to ERP properties.
In the sample scripts for ERP tabs, the configuration data is provided with following function:

$unitOfMeasures = GetPowerGateConfiguration -Section 'UnitOfMeasures'


When modifying the script or the configuration file, it is recommended to make a copy of both sample files, customize them accordingly and then disable them.
The new script must be adjusted to use your own configuration file instead of Sample.PowerGateConfiguration.xml:

$powerGateErpTabconfiguration = "$PSScriptRoot\Sample.PowerGateConfiguration.xml" #adjust the name of the new config file

Disabling the script

After the installation on new environments this script is enabled by default for the Vault Client and Inventor.
To globally disable this client customization, move following files to the %PROGRAMDATA%\coolOrange\Client Customizations\Disabled directory:

  • Sample.ManagePowerGateConfiguration.ps1

  • Sample.PowerGateConfiguration.xml


Please note that after updates from v23.0.10 and older, this script is automatically disabled and installed in the %PROGRAMDATA%\coolOrange\Client Customizations\Disabled directory.
Scripting guys can then enable and review this customization in a test environment before deploying the script on production ERP integrations.