This sample script adds two Menu Items in the Tools Menu of the Vault Client to upload and download configurations for the ERP Tabs.
When used for the first time the script uploads the default configuration Sample.DefaultERPTabConfiguration.xml from the Events directory to the Vault Server.



The uploaded default configuration can be exported, adapted and be re-uploaded to the Vault Client.


  1. Open the Vault Client and log in to Vault

  2. Download the ERP configuration by using Tools → powerGate - Download ERP Tab Configuration…

  3. The directory with the downloaded configuration C:\Temp\powerGateCfg\ERPTabConfiguration.xml gets opened


  1. Open the exported C:\Temp\powerGateCfg\ERPTabConfiguration.xml configuration, adapt it to your needs and save it

  2. Open the Vault Client and log in to Vault

  3. Upload the configuration back to Vault using Tools → powerGate - Upload ERP Tab Configuration…

At this point, the uploaded configuration of ERP tabs can be used, for example, to populate combo boxes with the configured data.
For more information, see the provided sample scripts for ERP tabs that use the configuration.


When customizing the script, it is recommended to disable the default sample, create a copy of it and customize the copy.

The script registers to the LoginVault_Post event and uploads a default configuration to the Vault Server if no configuration was previously uploaded.
This section must be adjusted if the default configuration file Sample.DefaultERPTabConfiguration.xml is renamed.

Disabling the script

In the default delivery the event registration for this script is enabled only in the Vault Client.
Therefore its always disabled for application e.g. the Job Processor.

To globally disable the execution of the script, move following files to the %PROGRAMDATA%\coolOrange\powerEvents\Events\Disabled directory:

  • Sample.SyncERPTabConfiguration.ps1

  • Sample.DefaultERPTabConfiguration.xml