IBcpService Interface

Provides all the functionality to create a BCP package.

Namespace: bcpDevKit
Assembly: bcpDevKit.dll

public interface IBcpService

EntitiesTableEntitiesTableGives direct access to the entities layer, for direct manipulation of the BCP entities.
FileServiceFileServiceContains functionality to add, search and manipulate files and folders in your package.
ItemServiceItemServiceProvides functionality to easily add, search and manipulate items and BOMs in your package and create links between Items and Files in the complex vault-based way.
CustomObjectServiceCustomObjectServiceProvides functionality to easily add, search and manipulate custom objects (e.g. Persons or Groups) and its definitions in your package.
ExportSettingsSettingsHere you can do export specific settings (e.g. if you want to not export Users or PropertyDefinitions).
voidFlush()This function will take all the data that you have created in your package and write it to the filesystem.

IBcpService grants access to the service layer, which is built on top of the entities layer. The service layer contains functionality for creating a BCP package, without having to understand the entities layer in detail.

If you are more experienced and familiar with the BCP entities you can access the entities layer directly via the EntitiesTable and manipulate the objects to suite your needs.

After calling the Flush() method, you can look in the PackageDirectory where you should find all the XML files created from this function. It is also possible to flush multiple times, i.e. if you have a long running process and you want to flush in specific time intervals to not lose data if your process crashes.